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Do I really need to have metadata for all my tracks?

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Do I really need to have metadata for all my tracks?

Accurate metadata for every track you write is highly recommended. As a professional musician, this is a habit you should have been following from the first track you recorded. Every time you cut a new track, you should add the metadata to a spreadsheet. If you always keep this spreadsheet up to date, the rest of your music career will be a lot easier.

If you don’t have metadata, you still might be accepted as long as your music is outstanding and clearly above all the other applicants. If it has the right uniqueness, variety and quality that we really want your material, then sometimes we will wave the metadata requirement.

However, this space is competitive. Outstanding metadata for all your music will be a very large factor when evaluating your work.

We highly encourage you to have accurate and detailed metadata for all your music. This factor will clearly differentiate the casual composer from the professional.

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