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Trad Ventures, LLC.

Because we do a large volume of licensing and have one blanket agreement, our administration costs and costs per license allow us to charge very low sync fees ($39.95US per track). This not only benefits the customer, who is able to obtain music at a lower cost, but benefits our composers as well. Composers are able to get their music into more productions and increase the likelihood of receiving royalties from their performing rights organizations such as ASCAP, BMI, or SOCAN. We give our composers 100% of all writers and publishers rights that their music earns.

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We strive to create super-groovy cutting-edge royalty-free stock music: From ultra-hip block rockin electronic grooves and trippy breakbeats to ambient, hip hop, jazz, classical, world beat and virtually every genre and style imaginable. This is not your typical stock music collection. Many companies have been flogging the same worn-out cheesy tunes for 50 years. Although our name says Stock Music, the music is anything but “stock”, and all tunes have been selected by the producers at Whatever Solutions and Media Inc. to meet the strict needs of today’s commercial, television, film and media producers, editors and content creators. These tunes reflect the latest styles, trends and innovations in music and we hope they will enhance your creative endeavors!


In the old days producers and video editors had to flip through books of CDs and painstakingly put in each CD to find the music they wanted. Tracks were listed with cryptic categories and often after searching through endless entries the track would end up not sounding like what was expected. Users can search by keywords or common genres and moods, and instantly pull up the tracks they need. Imagine it is 2:00am in the studio and you suddenly realize that the music you picked out is not working. You jump on the internet and go to the Stock Music site, preview a few tracks, whip out the credit card and within minutes you’ve downloaded a CD quality, fully licensed piece of music for your production!


Trad Ventures, LLC has a reputation for creating world-class custom music for some of the largest clients in the world, including most recently Yamaha, Subaru, Mazda, Shimano and Intel. Our music has been used for broadcast in commercials, films, documentaries, multimedia and video in over 120 countries worldwide, including networks such as The Discovery Channel, CNN, and NBC. We have delivered for the very best, and you can be confident that we can deliver for you!