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By keeping our sync fees low, and the quality of our music high, we increase the chances that our composers get more music placements.  In turn, this increases the likelihood of receiving royalties from your performance rights organization. 

Our composers retain100% of their public performance royalties on both writers and publishers share.    When the musicians keep all their publishing, they potentially receive larger portions from their Performance Rights Organization, like BMI, ASCAP, and SOCAN.

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We are working very hard to prove that “stock music” doesn’t have to sound like “stock”.

Every music track we release is vetted by a real human being.  The music foremost must sound great, and be relevant to the genre it’s representing.   Then it must have accurate and descriptive metadata.  If the track cannot be found, it won’t ever get placed. We strive to represent every genre, every mood, every instrument, and style in the known musical universe.  

We release new music every week from ultra-hip block rockin electronic grooves and trippy breakbeats to ambient, hip-hop, jazz, classical, world beat and virtually every genre and style imaginable. All this keeps our library fresh and relevant, which keeps our customers coming back for more. All this keeps our library fresh and relevant, which keeps our customers coming back for more.


A lot of investment has been made into our search technology.  We offer a modern, very specific, parameterized search interface that allows media producers to find the right track fast.  However, even with today’s cutting-edge technology, it is only as good as the metadata we maintain with each track.

We have built a music pipeline that includes bulk metadata import with a spreadsheet, in addition to manual editing of each track.  Our upload portal provides artists an easy to use interface to manage submissions, and track front-end royalties.

CLIENTS has a reputation for providing world-class music for some of the largest clients in the world, including Yamaha, Subaru, Mazda, Shimano, and Intel. Our music has been used for broadcast in commercials, films, documentaries, multimedia, and video in over 120 countries worldwide, including networks such as The Discovery Channel, CNN, and NBC. and are owned and operated by

Trad Ventures, LLC.